Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ohhh hello there

"Here I am just sitting waiting for it to end for the day........................." Last post June 2013, now its October 2014. Just thought I would do the annual blog update. Just an update from last years update, good news is, I can proudly say that I have settled issues 1 and 2. The bad news is, i kinda miss items 1 and 2. Hahahahaha... yeah, who would of thought huh?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Out of the Frying Pan...

"Tomorrow we will either see the rise or the fall of the new age political hipsters. Either way, it will make for some interesting reading. Was busy working, or as Dave would say "scanning", in the office when I looked at my watch and realise it was 12am in the morning. "Oh, so what else is new". Was so bored that I decided to write some new post here since my last post was back in January. All I want to say is, if you read my previous two postings in which I said two things of significance. 1. I am finally free of the hell that is audit 2. I like my current job The point of this post tonight is to say that I LIED. Points 1 and 2 are lies! End rant.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time flies....

"I got engaged.... go figure" Seems the last time I wrote anything here I just left my boring audit job for a new adventure. Come April 2013 and it'll be two (2) years to the day. Time sure flies when you least expect it. Alot has happened in the past two (2) years, some bad, some good, ah well what the heck, it's been mostly good. Work is crazy. Hours are crazy, the boss is really crazy (sorry boss, hope u never read this) but I actually like it. Most of the times. Ok, I hate the hours, but at still, I like my job (love is still too strong a word). Been travelling alot the past two (2) years. Some on my own expense, some company sponsored. All in all i've been to five (5) different countries since my last post. Furthest, Europe. And the best part of it, it was for work. Yes, my work takes me places..... Alot of things have happened. Alot of things keeping me from updating this blog. Nobody reads it, but I guess its sort of a place for me to write crap and imagine somebody out there reads it and loves it. Like I said, alot has happened in the past two (2) years. Most importantly, I fell in love...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The end of Audit

"All I do now is wear sun glasses while acting and posing cool"

After almost 2 years in the living hell that is audit, I'm finally free.... somewhat.
So, before I go, I want to share my infinite knowledge with the world. Below, is the top 5 thing one will learn when doing audit.

5. 9-5 working hours actually mean 8-12.
4. You don't need sleep when you have an unlimited supply of coffee.
3. Going back at 5.30 (if you're lucky)feels like a holiday.
2. Weekends and public holidays are frowned upon.
1. Don't worry if you don't know what you're doing, everyone else is as lost as you are.

With that, I say goodbye audit. Trust me, you won't be missed.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


"Edication is a wunerful thing"

The quote above and the title for this blog was spoken by Blaggut, the first mate of the Pearl Queen and taken from the book The Bellmaker written by the great Brian Jacques.

Sadly, Mr Jacques passed away from a heartattack on February 5th 2011. He was 71.

I'll like to take this opportunity to offer my condolences to his family, Mr Jacques was a truly great and gifted man.

Brian Jacques literally (in all meaning) changing my life. I never liked to read as a child. The most I ever read were picture books with less than 100 pages. But that all changed way back in 1996 when I picked up a copy of Martin the Warrior.
I admit, I was mostly attracted to the cover. The 300 plus pages really put me off. To make it worst, when I opened the book. NO PICTURES!. Thankfully, my dad said, just take it even if you won't read it. To cut the story short, I took it, read a few pages and the rest they say is history.

Never did I think a book could open up a whole new world to me. My life changed forever that day, I discovered the magic of reading and for that I will be forever in debt to Brian Jacques.

Thank you for 15 years of marvellous adventures and wonderful food.
Here's one for the road...."Fur and Freedooooooom!"

James Brian Jacques
15 June 1939-5 February 2011.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Don't Read Manuals

"So another week of free labour. What's in it for me? nothing. What's in it for the man? Well, the man get's his pocket full"

Last weekend I paid 20bucks for a ticket to the Bird Park. I took out my camera to take a few pics, and I noticed that the view in my viewfinder was blurred. I tried snapping a few pics and it came out sharp and detailed. But when I looked into the viewfinder again I was still blurred.

Immediately I concluded that my camera was faulty and I started thinking of the huge amount of money it was going to cost me to fix it.

Lost all my mood to take pics so I just snapped a few peacocks and some other birds there. Spent about 2 hours before I headed back dejected.

So from about 20-30 pics, only two were up to scratch. So here you go, since the admission fee was 20 bucks, each pics below are worth 10 bucks. Hahahaha....

So at home, I started yahoo-ing the reasons for my blurred image, Trying to see how much money I can spare to repair my camera when I so happened to find the solution for it.

All I had to do was adjust the diopter a bit. Problem solved. If only I had read the manual, could have saved me a lot of trouble.

Ah well, I'm a guy, I don't read manuals. I also don't ask for directions.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally, the Rock has come back to Monday nite RAW

"Your stupid ass grand entrance trick is getting lame, trust me, this is the last time you're ever invited anywhere"

If you smeeeellllll what the Rock is cooking!!!!

I haven't watched wrestling in a loooong time, mostly because its been getting boring, with the likes of HHH and Undertaker always winning the Championship and the storyline too has been getting a bit lame. But a few months back, while channel surfing, I happened to land on an episode of RAW and it got me watching again. WWE has finally given more chances to its younger wrestlers. The talented wrestlers like Randy Orton and John Morrison were finally getting the shot they deserve.

Things were getting interesting, but that all changed tonite. The Rock finally returned after 6 long years. He started talking smack, putting people in their places. And something just clicked, even though the past few months of wrestling were interesting, tonites RAW with the Rock is how wrestling is supposed to be. How it used to be.

Enough of the PG era, it's time to bring back the Attitude era!

Yes, I love wrestling and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

PS:-I used to think that John Cena was doing a good job as the Rocks replacement, but after watching the Rock, Cena just sucks and is no where near the Rocks caliber.